This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 July, 2012.

Carrawssa Natural Hair Color1B


Carrawssa natural hair color’s is an intermediate product used between a general hair coloring product and a hair polishing product, which provides brilliant and vibrant color results with less damage to your hair. No bleaching when washing the hair.

Special features :

1) Ammonia free

2) p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) free

3) 100ml capacity, easy to use for multiple

4) Excellent results for cover gray hair

5) 5 color selections

( Direction of use )

1) Remove the cover of the first tube and mix the contents with the second tube in a plastic container.

2) Apply it within 20 minutes and wash your hair after 30 minutes. This product is one-off use only.

3) The remaining content in the tube should be seal tightly and can be reused within a year.

The tube mouth will turn black by chance but it will not affect the efficacy of this product.

*you can repeat the procedure if you found the hair colour is not satisfactory.