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Carrawssa Revitalizing Essence – Anti Wrinkle


Placenta patented technology and Biomyox activator complex two components, relaxation and other issues for the facial skin, activate skin cells and effectively reshape the facial lines, skin response youth, delicate and detailed.

Usage: Use in morning and evening after cleansing face, apply the surface gently massage until completely absorbed. In order to achieve the best results, complete the treatment within six days of continuous use.

Ingredients: Placenta activating factor complex - patented design of analogue skin cells, activation of epidermal and dermal cells, promote the growth of hyaluronic acid and collagen, firming facial skin.

BIOMYOX (rich in salt) - against the sagging skin, wrinkles effectively partition the care, relieve skin fatigue, to resist the formation of free muscle, skin and promote metabolism, has extraordinary regenerative power, significant improvement in skin roughness, dull and so on.

Coffee factor extract (CAFFEINE) - decomposition of skin oil, stimulate collagen growth, swelling subsided, tight skin.

6 X 5ml